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EPC Legislation Changes - 6th April 2012

EPC Legislation changes and your software – April 2012

The proposed change to the legislation regarding energy performance certificates (EPC’s) comes in to force on 6th April 2012.

Final confirmation and clarification has now been issued by the DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) and can be found here:

Key points in the new legislation:

  • This only applies to properties coming to market after 6th April.
  • The current asset ratings (EPC graphs) are no longer applicable in isolation.
  • They are to be replaced by the first page of the new style EPC (typically an A4 document which contains the graphs and additional information).  An example can be found here:
  • The EPC legislation is extended to apply to non-residential and rental transactions.
  • The EPC does not have to be an integral part of the printed particulars. It can be provided as an attachment or insert.
  • If sending details electronically as an attachment, the EPC can be provided via a clickable url.
  • Do newspaper adverts or window cards for property lets meet the definition of written particulars?  No. The requirement to attach a copy of the front page of the EPC to written particulars is where an agent provides written particulars to a person (i.e. a specific individual) who may be interested in buying or renting the building. This implies that a copy of the front page of the EPC does not need to be attached to ‘advertising material’, i.e. a newspaper or window card.
  • Do buildings advertised for sale or rent on property portals require an EPC to be attached to those details? Where the relevant person or a person acting on their behalf intends to make information available on a website and the information provided meets the definition of written particulars then a copy of the first page of the EPC must be attached to those details.

What does this mean for Vebra clients?

You must be using the following versions of the software in order to be compliant. If you are not on the appropriate version you will not be able to link EPC documents to your properties and upload them to the internet.

As agents can have the full EPC or the one page version for marketing, we have added the provision to store both styles with a property record as a PDF and/or URL in all the current versions of our software.

Should you have any questions or concerns over the version of software you are running please contact us on 0845 130 5444.  We are available during normal working hours but will not be available over the Easter bank holiday weekend.


VebraLive clients must be running v1.34 to be compliant.  If you wish to have the full EPC within the details template (not required and not recommended but available for an additional charge) you will need to run an additional upgrade routine available upon request. 

clients should be running v4.3 to be compliant which the majority of our clients are now on.  This release was made available in November 2011 so if you have not had an upgrade since this date, you will need to contact us.  If you have upgraded and would like specific information about uploading EPC's please read our update notes for instructions on how to do so. Note that due to the format restrictions with Solex templates, we are unable to merge the PDF into the property details, agents will have to attach as a separate document (which is recommended and permitted within the legislation).


GMW Orange clients are all on the latest v2.1 of the software and therefore compliant.

This version enables clients to link a PDF and URL for two types of EPC (‘full’ or ‘public’) to a property record. Details produced in GMW Orange are MS Word format and can be edited by the client if required (although not recommended) to include the EPC.  Please contact us if you require instructions on how to place the EPC from the EPC in to your word document (copying the content and pasting produces poor results and is not recommended).


GMW M2 clients will need to upgrade to GMW Orange which is available at no charge if you are currently on full support (subject to any licence count changes or training requirements).


GMW System4Sales clients will need to upgrade to GMW Orange which is available at no charge if you are currently on full support (subject to any licence count changes or training requirements).

clients must be running v9.97 to be compliant.  If you have not yet upgraded, please see below for instructions on how to do so.

Full details of the changes can be found in the document at this link v9.97 upgrade notes. (NB. For clients upgrading from older software versions, this document also details the changes included in the v9.96 release)

What do I need to do to receive this upgrade?

The upgrade process will depend upon the version of EstateCraft that you are currently running:

  1. If you are running EstateCraft v9.95 or later you will receive an automatic notification within the next few days that the upgrade is available to you when you log-in. This upgrade will take a few minutes to complete and you will be guided through the simple process.  
  2. If your version of EstateCraft is earlier than v9.95 you will not receive the automatic notification but will be contacted by our support team to schedule your upgrade. Once upgraded to v9.97 you will then receive automatic notification of any future updates that are released as mentioned above.

We have been in discussion with the portals for some time over how we pass them the new EPC Certificates via our portal exports. However, some of the Portals are not seeing their listings as “written particulars” and feel that the disclaimer they show on each listing will mean there is no need to upload the EPC Certificates. They should have sent guidance of their own but we are in a position to send the required documents to the portals if they agree to receive them.